CAFA 2000 Standings

OAFL Field Maps for 2006

Humber College North - Toronto

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Enter Humber College from Humber College Blvd.  Drive to the back parking lot.  The end of the parking lot is on a hill.  Down that hill (on a footpath) is the field)

Humber College South

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Mohawk Park - Hamilton

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Map of Mohawk Park - Hamilton

Corner of Mohawk Rd and Upper Kenilworth


Guelph - Margaret Greene Park

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Map of Margaret Greene Park - Guelph

On Westwood Rd, just north of Paisley Rd West of Highway 6


Windsor - Malden Park


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Recent News

Dingos Grand Final Party

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Footy in Ottawa

In Ottawa and looking to play footy? The Ottawa Swans are getting started.

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Footy in London

London Stallions are also getting things started for 2007

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Next Round Matchups

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