Ontario Australian Football League Fixture 2006

Ontario Australian Football League 2007 Fixture

4/28/2007 Pre-Season Cup       Humber North 10am
R 1 5/5/2007 Hawks   Eagles Humber North 10am
Dingos   Blues Humber North 12pm
Gargoyles   Wildcats Humber North 2pm
Rebels   Demons Humber North 4pm
Kangaroos   Bye
R 2 5/12/2007 Dingos   Kangaroos Humber North 10am
Hawks   Demons Humber North 12pm
Eagles   Rebels Humber North 2pm
Blues   Wildcats Humber North 4pm
Gargoyles Bye
Off 5/19/2007 Victoria Day   Long Weekend  
R 3 5/26/2007 Blues   Eagles Humber North 10am
Demons   Dingos Humber North 12pm
Hawks   Wildcats Humber North 2pm
Gargoyles   Kangaroos Guelph 2pm
Rebels   Bye
R 4 6/2/2007 Blues   Rebels Humber North 10am
Hawks   Demons Humber North 12pm
Dingos   Eagles Humber North 2pm
Gargoyles   Wildcats Guelph 2pm
Kangaroos   Bye
R 5 6/8/2007 Kangaroos   Eagles HumberSouth 645pm
6/9/2007 Dingos   Hawks Humber North 10am
Blues   Gargoyles Humber North 12pm
Rebels   Wildcats Humber North 2pm
Demons   Bye
R 6 6/15/2007 Kangaroos   Hawks HumberSouth645pm
6/16/2007 Demons   Blues Humber North 10am
Wildcats   Eagles Hamilton 12pm
6/17/2007 Gargoyles   Rebels Guelph 2pm
Dingos   Bye
R 7  6/23/2007 Kangaroos   Wildcats Humber North 9pm
  Hawks   Rebels Humber North 11am
  Eagles   Demons Humber North 1pm
Dingos   Gargoyles Humber North 3pm
Blues   Bye
Make Up 6/28/2007 Dingos   Eagles HumberNorth645pm
Make Up 6/28/2007 Kangaroos   Demons HumberSouth645pm
Off 6/30/2007 Canada Day    Long Weekend  
R 8 7/6/2007 Kangarros   Blues HumberSouth645pm
7/7/2007 Dingos   Rebels Humber North 10am
Eagles   Gargoyles Humber North 12pm
Wildcats   Demons Hamilton 12pm
Hawks   Bye
R 9 7/13/2007 Kangaroos   Rebels Humber South645pm
7/14/2007 Hawks   Blues Humber North 12pm
Gargoyles   Demons Guelph 2pm
Wildcats   Dingos Hamilton 12pm
Eagles   Bye
R 10 7/20/2007 Kangaroos   Dingos HumberSouth645pm
7/21/2007 Hawks   Eagles Humber North 10am
Wildcats   Rebels Hamilton 12pm
Gargoyles   Blues Guelph 2pm
Demons   Bye
R 11 7/28/2007 Eagles   Demons Humber North 10am
Blues   Dingos Humber North 12pm
Wildcats   Hawks Hamilton 12pm
Kangaroos   Gargoyles Humber North 2pm
Rebels   Bye
Make Up 8/2/2007 Hawks   Rebels HumberNorth630pm
Off 8/4/2007 Simcoe Day   Long Weekend  
R 12 8/11/2007 Demons   Blues Humber North 10am
Dingos   Rebels Humber North 12pm
Wildcats   Kangaroos Humber North 2pm
8/12/2007 Gargoyles   Eagles Guelph 2pm
Hawks   Bye
R 13 8/18/2007 Kangaroos   Rebels Humber North 10am
Dingos   Hawks Humber North 12pm
Wildcats   Blues Hamilton 12pm
Demons   Gargoyles Humber North 2pm
Eagles   Bye
R 14 8/25/2007 Dingos   Demons Humber North 10am
Eagles   Kangaroos Humber North 12pm
Blues   Rebels Humber North 2pm
Gargoyles   Hawks Guelph 2pm
Wildcats   Bye
Off 9/1/2006 Labour Day   Long Weekend  
R 15 9/8/2007 Kangaroos   Hawks Humber North 10am
Eagles   Blues Humber North 12pm
Demons   Wildcats Humber North 2pm
Rebels   Gargoyles Humber North 4pm
Dingos   Bye  
Elimination 9/15/2007 4th   5th 10am
Qualifying   2nd   3rd 12 pm
1st   Bye  
1st Semi 9/22/2007 Loser of Qual   Winner of Elim Humber North 10am
2nd Semi   1st   Winner of Qual Humber North 12pm
Preliminary 9/29/2007 Winner of    Loser of  Humber North 12pm
Final   1st Semi   2nd Semi  
Winner of   Bye  
2nd Semi      
Grand 10/6/2007 Winner of    Winner of  Humber North 12pm
Final Grand Final 2nd Semi   Prelim Final  
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