OAFL 2003 Goal Kicking Leaders

OAFL 2006 Goal Kicking Leaders

After 2006 Regular Season

45 Ben Carter Broadview Hawks
38 Bradley Vagg Guelph Gargoyles
28 Ryan Buckle Mississauga Demon
26 Chuck Thompson Hamilton Wildcats
25 Joshua Hill Mississauga Demon
23 Mark Van Gelder Toronto Eagles
22 Craig Stewart Toronto Dingos
21 Chris Miall Etobicoke Kangaroos
19 Justin Rigney Etobicoke Kangaroos
17 Troy Marsh Toronto Eagles
16 Jeff Borysiewicz Guelph Gargoyles
15 Phil Muller Etobicoke Kangaroos
14 Chris Buczkowski Toronto Dingos
14 Christopher Marchio Etobicoke Kangaroos
12 Jonathon Barlow Broadview Hawks
11 Forbes Gemmell Broadview Hawks
11 John McGrath Broadview Hawks
11 Yoni Moussadji Toronto Dingos
10 Colin Bigley Etobicoke Kangaroos
10 Michael Butcher Toronto Dingos
10 Shane Davies Hamilton Wildcats
10 Shane McIntyre Etobicoke Kangaroos
10 Richard Mintz Broadview Hawks
9 Michael Fabbri Lakeshore Rebels
9 Greg Logel Guelph Gargoyles
9 Mike MacDonald Toronto Eagles
8 Aaron Falcioni Toronto Eagles
8 Adam Fraser Mississauga Demon
8 Chris Phyland Broadview Hawks
8 Matt Savage Etobicoke Kangaroos
7 Daimin Bodnar Lakeshore Rebels
7 Joel Carter Hamilton Wildcats
7 Rob Vallance Mississauga Demon
6 Shane Flemming Mississauga Demon
6 Frank Luisser Toronto Eagles
6 James Maitland Lakeshore Rebels
6 Mike Nolan Hamilton Wildcats
6 Carl O'Brien Guelph Gargoyles
6 Scott Parker Mississauga Demon
5 Matt Bachinski Toronto Eagles
5 Jason Cain Central Blues
5 George Dimacakos Toronto Eagles
5 Andrew Hanson Etobicoke Kangaroos
5 Zack MacDonald Guelph Gargoyles
5 Paul Tinkler Toronto Dingos
5 Ken Tumak Hamilton Wildcats
5 Tim Wilson Hamilton Wildcats
4 Brendan Bell Broadview Hawks
4 Brian Cowie Broadview Hawks
4 Barry Crow Hamilton Wildcats
4 Rob Hillier Broadview Hawks
4 Paul Lawson Hamilton Wildcats
4 Tommaso Marchese Toronto Eagles
4 Jonathon McCarthy Lakeshore Rebels
4 Jeff Vance Etobicoke Kangaroos
4 David Wells Toronto Dingos
4 Ed Worsfold Mississauga Demon
3 Gregory Atherton Mississauga Demon
3 Adam Bradley Etobicoke Kangaroos
3 Bob Clarke Toronto Dingos
3 Mike Dahm Mississauga Demon
3 Andrew Garth Toronto Eagles
3 Aubrey Harris Broadview Hawks
3 Brad Herd Toronto Dingos
3 Brett Hill Hamilton Wildcats
3 Scott Jobin-Bevans Broadview Hawks
3 Andrew Nisker Toronto Dingos
3 Sean O'Connell Mississauga Demon
3 Sean Palin Broadview Hawks
3 Dale Simnett Mississauga Demon
3 Jacob Sone Central Blues
3 Ryan Tackaberry Broadview Hawks
3 Julian Thornbury Hamilton Wildcats
3 Mike Vloet Toronto Eagles
3 Daniel Zimmerman Central Blues
2 Damien Anderson Toronto Eagles
2 Alex Arnold Toronto Eagles
2 Matt Bannon Guelph Gargoyles
2 Robert Bickle Guelph Gargoyles
2 Rick Burns Lakeshore Rebels
2 Rhys Harris Broadview Hawks
2 Carl Hastrich Central Blues
2 Gavin Ingram Toronto Dingos
2 Rodney Ireland Guelph Gargoyles
2 Samuel Irving Guelph Gargoyles
2 Bill Kantartzis Toronto Eagles
2 Sean Kennedy Toronto Eagles
2 Mark Krikke Hamilton Wildcats
2 Lachlan Mackintosh Central Blues
2 Jaye Macumber Central Blues
2 Adam Martin Central Blues
2 Ryan Martin Mississauga Demon
2 Les Milborn Toronto Eagles
2 Kevin Minaker Toronto Eagles
2 Timothy Norris Hamilton Wildcats
2 Nik Papaioannou Lakeshore Rebels
2 Darrel Perry Etobicoke Kangaroos
2 Tim Piper Central Blues
2 Cameron Saylor Toronto Dingos
2 Adam Siddiqui Lakeshore Rebels
2 Peter Skibinski Etobicoke Kangaroos
2 Bradley Slingo Guelph Gargoyles
2 Chad Van Dam Mississauga Demon
2 Bryan Wells Toronto Dingos
2 Paul Wood Central Blues
2 Torrey Young Central Blues
1 Andrew Anderson Toronto Dingos
1 Robert Barker Central Blues
1 Harley Bateup Etobicoke Kangaroos
1 Steve Bennett Hamilton Wildcats
1 Matthew Bernardo Broadview Hawks
1 Bill Boletis Mississauga Demon
1 Peter Bormann Lakeshore Rebels
1 Tom Bourbonnais Guelph Gargoyles
1 Craig Bradley Lakeshore Rebels
1 Christopher Bradshaw Toronto Dingos
1 Kevin Bridgman Broadview Hawks
1 Steve Bridle Central Blues
1 Rohan Brown Central Blues
1 Anton Cronin Toronto Dingos
1 R.T. DeForge Guelph Gargoyles
1 Tasos Dimacakos Toronto Eagles
1 Nicholas Dirago Hamilton Wildcats
1 Rick Duffy Guelph Gargoyles
1 Greg Everett Etobicoke Kangaroos
1 Curtis Gallant Toronto Eagles
1 Steven Gerryts Hamilton Wildcats
1 Cam Grant Guelph Gargoyles
1 Scott Grant Guelph Gargoyles
1 Tom Hammond Toronto Eagles
1 Alex Hendrix Mississauga Demon
1 Timothy Ho Central Blues
1 Scott Howard Lakeshore Rebels
1 Mark Jeschke Central Blues
1 Justin Johns Hamilton Wildcats
1 Val Kushchenko Central Blues
1 Paul Loughnane Mississauga Demon
1 Damian Lowry Hamilton Wildcats
1 Marc Magierowicz Broadview Hawks
1 Michael Masney Toronto Dingos
1 Emmanuel Matata Bili Bili Etobicoke Kangaroos
1 Kevin McLean Broadview Hawks
1 Paul Moorhead Mississauga Demon
1 Gord Munro Guelph Gargoyles
1 J.D. Ney Broadview Hawks
1 Richard Parker Guelph Gargoyles
1 Alan Paulson Broadview Hawks
1 Dan Prior Toronto Dingos
1 Graeme Railton Etobicoke Kangaroos
1 Chris Ritchie Toronto Dingos
1 Justin Robertson Toronto Dingos
1 Kerin Sparks Lakeshore Rebels
1 Scott Thom Guelph Gargoyles
1 Alex Thompson Hamilton Wildcats
1 Geoff Walker Lakeshore Rebels
1 Stuart Wallis Toronto Dingos
1 Sam Warnock Etobicoke Kangaroos
1 Everett Wells Toronto Dingos
1 Simon Wilson Etobicoke Kangaroos
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